About Our Business

Premier Digital Communications was formed in 2006 from a small
consulting company. Established in 1994 and primarily service
based, our focus moved toward developing embedded products for
customer specific applications as turn key designs.

Our Mission

Premier Digital Communications develops state of the art
embedded solutions for both military and commercial applications
focusing on wireless communication technologies.

Experience Counts

Our engineering experience spans over 25 years of development
and working with embedded systems. Finding the best solution for
a specific design is enhanced by years of experience in this specific
area. This experience allows us to help you identify and resolve
risks during the initial design phase where the end result is a
reliable, well designed product.

We also have an established network of other engineering
resources that we work closely with on larger projects. This allows
us to keep our rates competitive and reduce your design costs.

Positioned for Growth

Premier Digital Communications is looking for additional
opportunities to expand our business. Please feel free to contact us
to discuss your next embedded design job.  We look forward to
working with you!
About Us